These Lovely Winter Vacation Destinations in India Demand a Visit

Kullu ManaliIndia is one of the countries in the world, or may be the only country in the world, where you find a great diversity in culture, geography, food, etc. Right from snow clad mountains, gorges, over flowing rivers, to beaches, deserts, forests; everything is found in India. Winters in India are very beautiful with extremely diverse climatic conditions found in the north and the south.

Winter Vacation Attractions in India

As India has diverse climatic conditions, and hence, before selecting any vacation destination, you should decide whether you wish to enjoy the winter and snow in India or get away from the chill and enjoy the tropical climate. Following are winter travel destinations in India with options for both.

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Winter Backpacking Checklist

imagesWinter truly is one of the most beautiful seasons for trekking. You don’t sweat much and nor is it very wet. There are, however, a few crucial things you need to remember. As it is going to be extremely cold, you need to carry the right type and amount of clothes. You will need one inner, thermal layer of clothing, through which you can get insulation. Above that, a lightweight layer of clothes will be required, which will regulate body temperature. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, which can further lead to drop in body temperature. So, drink lots of it. Make sure that your shoe laces or gloves are not too tight; they can constrict blood flow.


Waterproof/breathable jacket and pants
Insulated parka
Wool clothing
Fleece clothing
Synthetic hiking pants
Base thermal layer
Warm coat (down or polyester filled)
Mittens or gloves (preferably wool)
Socks with extra set
Insulated waterproof hiking boots or gaiters (depending on type of backpacking)
Sleeping bag
Sleeping bag liner
Air pump
80-liter backpack
Extra batteries
Knife or multi-tool
Snow shovel
Water filter or iodine drops/tablets
First aid kit
Repair kit
Utility bags
Insect repellent
Toilet paper
Lighter and waterproof matches
Tent (only after asking a professional; varies according to needs)
Bivy sack (alternative to a tent, specially if there isn’t much snow)
Trekking poles
Rope (for clothesline or bear bagging)
Toiletries (razor, toothbrush, etc.)
Sunscreen (SPF 15+)
Spoon, bowl, mug
Cooking pots

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Things to Carry for a Winter Vacation

carry-on-only-packing-list-cold-weather-labelled-933x700Packing for a vacation can be very exciting, and if it’s for a winter vacation, you should keep in mind that you need enough clothing to keep you and your family warm. It’s a good idea to start shopping well in advance for all your winter essentials, especially woolen garments, overcoats, jackets, winter weather accessories, etc., so that you don’t lose out on good deals. If you are traveling by air, what and how you pack matters a lot, what with all the restrictions on the number of bags you can carry.

Winter does not always mean wearing bulky jackets to keep yourself warm. The trick lies in covering yourself with layers of clothing, even if they are thin; it’s the layers which trap the heat and keep you cozy. Multiple layers of thin clothes will leave you with a lot more space in your bags than a few bulky coats and sweaters. If you plan on skiing, or are traveling with children or infants, take time to think through what you need, so you do not carry too much of the same item, and jot down what all you really require, before you get down to packing.

Click anywhere on the table below to print it.
Winter Vacation Essentials Checklist

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Travel to Get Away from Cold Weather in the Winter

sunset_beach2_v349For many Americans, the winter is a time of staying indoors, of braving the cold, wind, snow, and sleet when necessary, of limited daylight hours and, in general, a slow pace of life. Many, however, would like things to be a bit different and, by the time the holidays are over, many begin getting a bit of cabin fever. While there are always winter outdoor activities to engage in, like skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, etc., others like to get away from cold weather altogether. For those seeking some good destinations within the US, here are some prime places to visit that offer both sunny, warm weather, and plenty of things to do.

San Diego, California
Locals sometimes joke that a thermometer is a waste of money in San Diego. Chances are good that if it’s not summer, the skies will be clear and sunny and the temperature will be hovering somewhere in the 60s or 70s. Oddly, though it remains warm in the autumn and winter, San Diego is not terribly hot in the summer either, making it a good destination just about year round. But if 70 degrees and sunny sounds good to you as you huddle around your fireplace, San Diego may be a great choice to get away from it all. While there will be a greater chance of rain during the winter months in San Diego, there is still significantly less rainfall during this time of year in San Diego than in most Eastern cities.

Florida Keys
The Florida Keys in winter are also very predictable. If the temperature happens to dip down into the 50s, which happens occasionally, locals will be bundled up in coats, hats and gloves while visitors will probably be strolling about in long-sleeved t-shirts and enjoying the relative warmth. The most likely weather in the Keys in winter, however, will be sunny and in the 70s. Daily rain is nearly a given, though a thoroughly soaking all-day rain happens only occasionally. The Keys also offer many winter vacation options, from very, very relaxed (Sugarloaf, as an example) to hard-partying (think Key West).

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Best Winter Festivals Around the World

winter-festivals_ss_005Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours”.
―Robert Byrne
You either love the winter, or hate it thoroughly. There simply can’t be an in-between. The chill, the snow, the dim sunlight, along with nights that stretch into infinity―it could either fill you up with joy or dread.

But there are a few cities that simply refuse to be bogged down by winter. In fact, they revel in the chill, and invite you to do the same. So, here’s a list of the best winter events from around the world.

Best Winter Events

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